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Site maps are very important for Web sites, large and small. Not only do site maps make it easier for search engine spiders to discover and crawl every page, they also provide critical details about different topics nestled throughout similar themes.

For a small site, the site map could contain text links to single every page. A site map needn't follow the site's folder structure. Categories of different topics can be presented in a directory-like format or even a table of contents to build particular themes. This sort of simple site map organization usually works well for a site of 100 pages or less.

When a site grows beyond several hundred pages, it's not a good idea to link to every single page in a site map. It's not visitor friendly to do so. Even Google advises the maximum be about 100 links per page.

A site map for a 10,000-page or fewer Web site should emphasize links to core pages throughout the site. Frequently, these categorical core pages are hubs of information that directly reflect the original topics presented in a simple site map. (Categorical core pages can also be strong landing pages for SEM campaigns.)

One way to optimize up to a dozen different content categories in a larger site is to include a brief description of each core page. If you add a single link to each core page and a descriptive paragraph about the page's content, then link deeper into the site from these core pages, both visitors and spiders can readily navigate the varying themes of a larger site.

This type of site map organization works well for diversifying different products and services as well as for different business divisions. It can be leveraged to highlight new content on a larger site that may take some time for search engine spiders to discover.

Extremely large sites, such as vast corporate sites in the range of 100,000 pages or more, can organize site map content in a similar manner to create multiple layers of core hierarchal content with links to different products, services, or business divisions. Again, contextual themes play an important role toward optimizing the content throughout a diverse, large Web site.

Frequently, this type of contextual top-level site map is accompanied by a different type of mapping that consists of a series of links to different sites (rather than pages within a single site) that works to build up and bind together a network of geographically dispersed Web sites.

Location-based site maps provider visitors with quick access to stores and hotels nearest them. They also provide state or provincial contact to local groups within a larger organization. For larger international and global organizations, location-based site maps often provide access to country-specific links that must be developed to address different language needs and regulatory restrictions.

These extremely large sites are typically built on more complex content management systems. They'd do well to employ Google Sitemaps to encourage indexing the entire site, especially when dynamic URLs are in play, at least in Google. A rewrite module might be required to provide the same type of indexing lift in different search engines.

Seeing Is Believing

Implementing a site map is not a be-all end-all optimization solution. Yet a site map remains a primary way to provide search engine spiders with a clear conduit for crawling a site's content.

Getting your site indexed is fundamental to being visible on the Web. SeoMio can do just that. We have years of experience creating dynamic site maps that are search engine friendly and can get your site noticed quickly.

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