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    SeoMio Services : Pay per click management and analysis

Pay-Per-Click Management

For companies interested in generating qualified traffic instantly and continuously, SeoMio provides PPC management services. Keyword Analysis and Selection, developed in the research phase, is utilized to provide a baseline budget and keyword strategy for Google AdWords and Overture, as well as optional second tier PPC engines like FindWhat. SeoMio has years of experience writing text ads that perform, including contextual ads (Google AdSense) and Google's Images Ads. The benefit to SeoMio managing both SEO and PPC efforts is that budgets can be maximized to generate an optimal ROI. For instance, if SEO efforts are generating top ten matches for a desired search term, PPC budget allocated to that phrase may be utilized on a term where the company is not otherwise visible. Additional PPC outlets SeoMio can manage include local and international search and industry portals and publications. For clients with an ROI Web analytics tool in place, SeoMio will integrate results into the monthly activity report to demonstrate ROI on paid placement activities.

Keyword Analysis and Selection

Your site will only generate business if it targets the right search terms. Regardless of the strategic approach: SEO vs. PPC, a successful search engine marketing campaign requires extensive research and analysis. The Keyword Analysis and Selection process incorporates best practices and in-depth research into a company's industry to identify the top performing search phrases. This document is used as the baseline for all PPC programs, as well as the foundation for the SEO Recommendations.

ROI Tracking and Reporting

The primary benefit to PPC advertising, beyond the control, is the measurability. SeoMio has many years of experience configuring, managing and tracking PPC campaigns. Detailed reporting (depending on client-side Web analytics) includes impressions, clicks, average CPC and conversion statistics

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