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    SeoMio Services : Meta Tag Compilation and Insertion

META Tags are HTML tags which provide information that describes the content of the webpages a user will be viewing. Search engines have recognized that website owners and administrators can use this resource to control their positioning and descriptions in search engine results. Many search engines have now incorporated reading META tags as part of their indexing formulas.

Key Word META Tags:

Search engines that support META tags will often use the keywords found on your pages as a means to categorize your website based on the search engines indexing algorithms (proprietary algorithms which index your website in search engine databases). SeoMio ensures you choose keywords that are relevant to your site and avoid excessive repetition as many search engines will penalize your rankings for attempting to abuse their system. Similar to the Description META Tag, search engines give priority to the first few words in your description, so we focus on your main keywords and then elaborate further by using synonyms or other related words. .

Description META Tags:

Search engines that support META tags will often display the Description META tag along with your title in their results. Search engines will often capture the entire META tag of your description field, but our specialists bear in mind that when a search engine displays the results to a user, the space is limited, usually under 20 words which we use to grab the attention of a user. For this reason, when creating your META tags, SeoMio makes the first sentence of your description field to capture the attention of your users and use the rest of the description tag to elaborate further.

SeoMio uses Meta tags to enhance your search engine visibility and enable the search engine robots to find relevant information on your site. Unlike other SEO firms, we don't overlook any aspects of the process in an effort to generate the highest possible results for your company.

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