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What is Link Popularity Integration?

Our optimizers will work on getting you linked with quality, complementary sites within your niche market. This will increase pre-qualified traffic that is ready and willing to purchase your services or products, and improve your position in the top search engines and Internet directories by increasing your link popularity.

The search engines take into account the amount of times a keyword is searched on. The more popular a keyword is that describes your business, the more points you gain for having good keywords. Once all of the criteria are looked at, the points are added up and in a nutshell, this determines your page rank. The higher your page rank, the higher you are listed in the engine.

What is Page Rank you ask? Well Google and other major search engines use an algorithm which calculates the value of a web page based on its number of incoming links, relevancy and page rank of those incoming links, outgoing links, page content and meta info. The PR is defined from PR1 to PR10 with 10 being the best. Google bases their rankings almost 85% on links alone and with Yahoo and AOL using Google's rankings, you can understand how important links really are these days.

Researching Suitable Reciprocal Links

Once we have established your requirements, we dedicate a team to conduct extensive research of your competition; the sites they are linked to, their current Google page rank, position in the search engines, etc. Once your competitors have been analyzed, SeoMio will start researching sites that will benefit from your products. We call these complementary or relevant websites. These sites will be put to a similar test as your competitors. We will evaluate page rank, backwards links, positions in the search engines and other partnerships they may have.

Basically, SeoMio seeks out sites in your market niche that offer relevant products or services to your target audience and have excellent link potential, then contact and request links from each of them individually.

Requesting Links

The contact is initially to promote a reciprocal links exchange that will benefit your business as well as theirs and at the same time increase direct traffic to your site. A by-product of link exchange efforts is furthered partnerships. What we mean is the companies we contact may be interested in doing much more than just exchanging links. Often times, they wish to resell your products or services, which can be very lucrative for you.

This is a time-consuming process, which must be done by hand, one at a time.

Carefully targeted link requests will be made on your behalf, and a page of potential link partners will be generated for easy uploading and integration with your Web site.

We do not use automated software to increase your link popularity; everything is done by hand to assure quality, relevant partnerships are formed. There are no shortcuts!

Our goal is to establish a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with the businesses that can help you with your online endeavor. This is very important to your business. If you are not linked with sites that will help you target your audience, potential customers will not be able to find you.

Our service begins when we look through your Web site in detail. Then, based on your site content, keywords and intended audience, we seek out and find key link partners in your niche market.

How We Choose Your Link Partners

The initial process to determine potential link partners will take between 20 to 30 days. During this time, we will evaluate hundreds of sites that we find in Google, Yahoo, HotBot, MSN and other major search engines and directories. We will use vertical industry portal sites, commonly called, Vortals, regional web guides, directories and search engines.

We will carefully crawl each page of each site in an effort to determine the relevance of their site content in relation to your market.

We will not link with websites that have a Google page rank of less than 4/10, sites with broken links, pornography, sites that are part of link farms or sites that partake in FFA submissions, spamming, cloaking or any other form of underhanded marketing.

Once we have selected the correct sites for you, we will develop a custom links page that lists each of these sites. We will require ftp access to your site in order to upload this page. You will be notified of the link page address and will be required to make a link from the index (main page) of your site. This will enable potential link partners to find their link in your directory and ultimately increase your link popularity.

Once this page is online and you have notified us that you have placed a link to it from your main page, we will start contact the sites we have found. This will be done through personal e-mails and if need, phone calls.

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