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Keywords are called that for a reason; they're one of the keys to making sure your web site is seen by searchers who want what you have to offer. But how do you choose them, and how do you use them? SeoMio can do it for you.

Keyword choice ranks very closely behind link trading as the number one SEO technique; keywords are the words or phrases that people enter into search engines in order to find whatever it is they are searching for. If you want your site to be listed (and listed high) you need to think carefully about the words people could use to find your site, and use these keywords in appropriate and relevant places in your site. You also need to think about keyword density and keyword positioning if you are to use keywords successfully.

If you're building a site from scratch, you should be thinking about keywords when creating the pages that make up the site as well as when producing content for the site. Keywords need to be used in your page titles and in META tags as well as in the content. You also need to think about using keywords in heading text, bold text and in lists. Using keywords effectively, however, is far easier than choosing keywords effectively. Similarly, if you're working on improving the rankings of an existing site, you'll need to review not just the content, but the markup behind the pages as well.

Knowing what people are searching for is obviously a fundamental part of keyword choice. If you don't know what people are searching for when looking for something related to your product, service or company name, then you won't be able to choose effective keywords that will improve your ranking and ensure that people know about you. Most general, non-technical people will rely on search engines to find any of the things that they buy online, and most people take search engine listings as recommendations, using sites that only appear near the top of their chosen search engines results.

Choosing effective keywords is about making sure your site is ranked highly in returned search results for the most commonly used search strings. You should focus on choosing keywords that not only focus on your products and/or services but also on your company's name and related subjects.

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