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eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

E-Commerce is a booming industry! Make sure you are fully optimizing the potential of your eCommerce website.

SeoMio is on the leading edge of eCommerce search engine optimization and we are constantly developing new techniques to meet the challenges of our clients.

If your eCommerce shopping cart solution is not performing or if you are spending all your profits on your PPC campaign let SeoMio help.

Drive Natural Search Engine Traffic to Your Site

eCommerce search engine optimization can make your shopping cart more spider friendly and raise your visibility in the search engines. We will ensure all your pages are accessible to the search engine spiders and that all your products appear in the organic search results. Some shopping carts are difficult for search engines to spider, we will ensure your site is deep-indexed by the major search engine spiders and ensure your product and category pages are indexed by Yahoo, Google, and Teoma. We have extensive experience in search engine optimization for osCommerce, VP-ASP, PDG Cart, Dansie, and others.

Drive Paid Search Engine Traffic to Your Site

If you're not already using PPC to drive traffic to your site we can help you set up and run an effective eCommerce search engine marketing campaign to maximize your revenues while minimizing your outlay. If you already run a PPC campaign, we can help ensure you get the maximum return on your PPC investment.

Shopping Engine Feeds

In order to lessen your reliance on organic search engine results placement we will also supply data feeds to one or more of the major shopping engines. Shopping engines allow visitors to compare prices and features of products, when they find a product they, like they access the suppliers website and make an order. Traffic from shopping engines is highly targeted and is either researching a purchase or purchasing.

Ensure That Traffic Converts

There may be hundreds of sites on the Internet selling exactly the same product as you, sometimes it takes a third party to notice the road blocks on your site that will cause a visitor to hit the back button and go elsewhere.

Monitor Conversions

Do you know where your sales are coming from, or perhaps you're getting plenty of traffic but no sales - do you know why? We provide eCommerce tracking applications to all our SEO clients! Using this software you can determine where you are getting the best return on your eCommerce search engine marketing investment. You don't have to guess where your sales are coming from. By using our Campaign Tracking and eCommerce Tracking you will have all the answers!

Why Use SeoMio

SeoMio is an experienced eCommerce search engine optimization firm. We have optimized sites of all sizes from many different industries. We are experts in the field of eCommerce search engine optimization. By signing with us you will receive prompt and courteous attention. Throughout the process we encourage you to provide input to ensure that our services meet your goals.

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