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We uniquely approach search engine optimization from a consultative perspective.

By consulting with the marketing department, the sales department and the IT department, we can effectively determine which tactics will yield the best results for your campaign. Our process is not a "one size fits all" implementation. We customize and tailor our programs to meet the needs of your company, your audience, and your marketing goals. Seo Mio will uncover the most effective keywords and keyword phrase queries for each of your constituencies - whether your audience is consumers, other investors, the press, etc.

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Should You Outsource Your Search Engine Marketing? Of Course!

The search engine marketing industry has exploded during the last few years. In 2003, companies spent an estimated $2 billion on search-related advertising and analysts expect the market to triple during the next three years. As a result, launching and managing a search engine marketing campaign is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. More and more businesses are delving into natural search engine optimization, pay per click programs and conversion tracking and as a result, the competition is getting fierce and many companies - perhaps your competitors - are already outsourcing their search engine marketing.

About 114.5 million Americans use search engines, according to Nielsen NetRatings. How many of them might be interested in the services, products or information presented on your website? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Most search engine marketing programs only scratch the surface when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. There is a huge audience of potential customers searching for a product or service you offer. A detailed, strategic search engine marketing campaign could bring millions of new visitors to your website. Not just any visitors - qualified visitors who are searching for what you have to offer.

The countless companies that have left search engine marketing to their IT department are learning that simply submitting their websites to hundreds of search engines and taking a "needle in the haystack" approach will not deliver the results they need. In fact, they are finding that it can even cause severe damage. Think about it. Would you really leave your brand image in the hands of your network administrator? If not, then why would you allow a technology department to determine how your website appears in search engines, or if it appears there at all?

Truly effective search engine marketing is an ongoing process, not a project. It requires knowledge, experience, research capabilities and continued measurement and analysis. Hiring SeoMio is the best long-term solution.

Ad agency clients can enjoy the same benefits and superior results that companies working directly with SEO firms can, by having your agency partner with SeoMio, who can deliver solid results and improve your clients' online marketing ROI.

By outsourcing clients' search engine marketing programs to SeoMio, you can provide the expertise of a professional, full-service search engine marketing firm to your clients.

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