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We uniquely approach search engine optimization from a consultative perspective.

We are a full service SEO agency, offering a broad suite of integrated marketing and engineering services designed to build your brand and improve your online presence. Our internationally recognized experts in development and online marketing campaigns impact every Website we optimize. Your success is measured and managed, in order to optimize your business potential on the Internet.

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    SeoMio Ethics

SEO Code of Ethics

Ethics is a moral standard governed by good principle values. SeoMio follows all of the search engine guidelines and adheres to the following SEO Code of Ethics:

1. Our SEO experts will only work all ethical approaches in all our search engine optimization services.

2. We will not misrepresent our industry or the efforts it takes to produce results for our clients.

3. We will not intentionally violate rules set forth by the search engines and directories specific policies. Should rules and guidelines change (as they often do); our employees will promptly take action to comply with the changes as they apply to all clients.

4. We will never charge our clients for services not rendered.

5. We will never feed misinformation to a search engine.

6. We will not intentionally do harm to a client.

7. We will not intentionally violate any laws. This involves the deliberate and continued violation of copyright, trademark, service mark, or laws related to spamming as they may exist at the state, federal, or international level.

8. All SeoMio clients are treated equally.

9. SeoMio will give an honest appraisal of your prospects in the search engines. We will always provide as accurate and realistic a review of your keywords rankings, and the chances of improving those rankings, as possible.

10. SeoMio provides technical expertise. You can't make a search engine campaign a success unless you know how search engine, and web pages, work. SeoMio brings developers, HTML programmers and SEO specialists to every search engine optimization project.

11. SeoMio is a firm who's not afraid to say "no". If you hire us, you hire us for our search engine optimization expertise. Therefore, if you request something that we feel may hurt your campaign, we'll tell you so, and explain why. You may not always like us, but you'll always trust us!

12. SeoMio will protect the confidentiality of our clients. Any Email and contact information will not be shared with any third party without client permission.

13. SeoMio will always strive to provide the best quality search engine placement and maintenance services on the internet.

If you have any questions or comments about our SEO code of ethics, please feel free to contact us.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

Search engine optimization is a valuable marketing strategy that can improve your website position among the search engines, deliver targeted traffic to your website, and help improve your return on investment. Since this industry is constantly changing and search engines continually change their regulations, it is difficult to produce a definitive list of best practices. Therefore, we have created a list of what the trends and best practices are currently, and will update this list as necessary.

Domain Name

Having a domain name that is relevant to your business as well as one that will give you a good position in the search engines is an important factor in search engine optimization. If you do not already have a domain name we can offer professional assistance in selecting one. We can also help you find alternative domain names if you have one that could be improved.


It is extremely important that your site is designed with the navigation of your customers as well as search engine robots in mind. One feature that can help is creating a site map. A site map will help consumers find what they are looking for on your site, and ensure that robots see all pages of your site. Another way is to have different menu options on the home page so that users quickly and easily find information.


The copy on your website is an essential part of search engine optimization. Even if other SEO improvements are made to your site, without making changes to your website to optimize your content and keep it fresh your site will not improve position or ranking. Sites with the most relevant and the most current content will be favored among search engines as well as consumers.

The content on your site must be readable by a robot. This means it must be actual text on screen not images of text. Similarly, sites which are graphic heavy need text in order to be seen by search engines.

It is valuable to have your text written by a search engine optimization copywriter, so that you can ensure that the text on your site will appeal your consumer audience, and be positioned well in search engines and directories.

Meta Tags

One of the most important elements in search engine optimization is creating the best meta tags for your site. Meta tags are the titles, descriptions, keywords, and alt tags on the pages of your website. Meta tags should be written so that they are specific and relevant to each of the pages they are on.


No matter who is doing your search engine optimization it is extremely important to communicate whenever you make a change to your website. Even the most subtle of changes can skew the results of your SEO efforts. You want to be sure that the new sections of the website are optimized properly and that none of your previously optimized pages are negatively affected.


Linking can be a positive addition to your internet marketing campaign. However, only the best links to your site will yield the greatest amount of qualified visitors and improve your position with the search engines. Links should be checked first for relevancy and ranking. Only sites that are relevant and complimentary to the topic of your site should be selected as links. Also, you should check to be sure that each potential linking site is in good standing with search engines and following best practices.

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