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We uniquely approach search engine optimization from a consultative perspective.

By consulting with the marketing department, the sales department and the IT department, we can effectively determine which tactics will yield the best results for your campaign. Our process is not a "one size fits all" implementation. We customize and tailor our programs to meet the needs of your company, your audience, and your marketing goals. Seo Mio will uncover the most effective keywords and keyword phrase queries for each of your constituencies - whether your audience is consumers, other investors, the press, etc.

    Who needs SEO?

Studies have shown that most search engine users don't click past the first three pages of search results; many don't even click past the first page if they find what they're looking for. Your own experience using search engines probably confirms this. What does this mean? It doesn't matter how many search engines spider your site; if it isn't listed in the first three pages, it might as well be invisible. Indeed, getting on the first page, among the top three results, is even better.

80% of people use search engines to find goods, suppliers and services online. Over 250 million searches are thought to be carried out on Google every single day. The facts speak for themselves - search engines are here to stay.

Google has revolutionized the way people think of search engines. Google was even voted best brand in 2003 beating established brands such as Apple and Coca Cola. Google has even generated new vocabulary - "googling" which involves entering someone's name into Google to check their background.

No one can deny the power of search engines. It is now more competitive than ever to get your company to feature highly within their results. Over 8 billion pages are indexed on Google alone and this number grows every day. Many search engine results pages now have millions of pages returned when carrying out searches, not just on Google but on MSN, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves and many others. Search engines currently use over 100 different factors to determine their results, each with different levels of importance. On top of this search engines regularly change the way they rank websites to keep their results fresh and relevant.

So how do you get your website found amongst all this competition? This is where the benefits of search engine optimization come in. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves ensuring a website has all the components needed to perform well within the search engine results for target keyword phrases. Without using search engine optimization for your website it is unlikely to be found on search engines by your target customers, costing your business qualified traffic. With the right advice and research all online businesses can benefit from SEO.

This is where SeoMio can help. As a professional SEO consultancy, we understand the benefits of SEO. SeoMio have been working to optimize websites for search engines since 1997. We use our tried and tested methods of ethical search engine optimization to get your website where it needs to be, in front of your customers.

Compared to traditional methods of marketing, search engine marketing is very cost effective, often with a higher return on investment. A well thought out SEO campaign will have a positive impact on your website traffic in the long term.

Search engine optimization is PR geared toward online searchers. When looking for information, the first place many turn is the authority of the search. These search results are seen as trustworthy results because the third-party of the search engine picked them out in response to their inquiry. Just as an article has more influence than an ad, so search results hold more sway than online ads.

This makes SEO a natural extension of PR and displays the inherent advantages of search result ranking. With so many potential customers looking to search engines for their information, growth is encouraged through greater awareness. This awareness can be achieved through searchers looking for related keywords to be encountering your site.

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